Whipman 2003

May 2003 and a conversation in the pub one evening with the new Whipman elect’s dad. ‘How about taking a few photies of the laddie on the Saturday rideout?’ he asked. As it happened, I was at home on the day and having known Ian for nearly 18 years by then, was happy to do a few snaps and pass on a set of prints.

Weather was fair at first; then rain. There’s nowt worse than having to wipe raindrops off the front of a lens every few seconds – you miss pictures! It cleared up soon after though to reasonably grey overcast.



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The former Raemartin Hotel in Raemartin Square used to be a favourite West Linton local before its conversion to a private house & flats. The bar was upstairs and gave a cracking view down the Main Street. It was a really friendly, happy place. Many folk who remember it still miss it.

There was a large function room downstairs which was used for a variety of enjoyable events. Below is a lovely old floor mosaic which I’d like to think was somehow preserved.


The purpose of the group picture in the Raemartin Bar below escapes me – there are no notes with the negatives. Probably done around 1990 or 1991. The window on the right looks out onto the Main Street and Cameron Square.



Abseiling practice

Yes this is local.

Passed through Carlops one day in about 1996 and saw these guys up on top of ‘The Rock’. I parked the car in the little carpark and went up aound the small path at the back and asked if they minded if I did a few pics. It turned out they were from Broomlee Camp just outside the village.

The wooden hut visible in the first picture is the old Carlops Village Hall.

Scans from 35mm colour transparencies.




Following a couple of instances in recent years of bits falling off onto vehicles, ‘The Rock’ has now been fenced off around the base beside the car park. This doesn’t affect access to the lowly top however.

Fenced off!

The green cabinet

Oh the controversy! One day in summer 2015, British Telecom contractors turned up and dug a large hole in the pavement next to the newsagents. Questions questions. ‘What’re you doing? What’s this for? You can’t put that there! Have you got planning permission? Eventually, fed up with the complaints and negative comments, the contractors installed the box, filled in the hole and buggah’d orf. Engineers didn’t even bother to connect it up.

Then, so far as I can gather, for the next while people were complaining to the local authority and also to BT about… a green cabinet. A cabinet similar to many other such boxes around the whole country and which is integral to providing fast fibre broadband.

After a few weeks toing and froing and even an article in the Peeblesshire News, BT’s engineering manager announced ‘it’s staying’ and engineers returned to finish the job and connect it up.

It’s a green cabinet! It’s not aesthetically displeasing, just another piece of essential street furniture like 1000’s in other places and which helps provide faster access to the web for lots of people that use it.

So here it is. Judge for yourself. Intrusive? Obtrusive? Ugly? Wrong colour? Visually it doesn’t jar with me one little bit. Maybe the still unhappy folk could ask BT if they would be willing to paint it (example, lower picture).


A colour match suggestion 🙂

Spring isn’t too far away…

… although possibly we’re not out of the woods yet weatherwise since it was trying to snow this morning. It is still February after all, but as winters go, we’ve been fairly lucky this year. So far! Only another few days until March though and already the mornings and evenings are noticably lighter.

The spring flowers are coming up too, so here’s a little hopeful reminder of the weather to come in the not too distant future.

These pics were done three or four years ago.



Whipman rideout

One of the things that annoys my visual senses is when I see pictures of the Whipman rideout coming through the village. Mostly in photographs taken there are vehicles, quad bikes, bright yellow no-parking bollards or folk in high vis jackets, all getting in the way of a good shot.

Being a bit of a purist, I wanted to get a picture that showed just the horses and riders with the Whipman hopefully waving the flag.

I was happy with this image. The pic was done in 1996 in the days when the riders went up Medwyn Road (Golf Course Road). Even the nags at the front have their ears pricked and appear to be looking at the camera despite me being 100 yards away!

35mm Fujichrome colour transparency using a 300mm lens.



West Linton’s lower green is often used as a favourable launch point for hot air balloons.

This shot was done a few years ago and a quick search on the UK Civil Aviation database shows that G-TNTN is still airworthy and licensed.

Last time I was up in a balloon was near Aviemore and it’s a truly peaceful way to fly. This particular flight was drifting very slowly north, so the shot of the church is what the folk in the basket might have seen just after lifting.