Dodd and ‘The Chairman’

Dodd worked on the same farm just outside West Linton for 40 years.

His evening leisure time was often spent in the local pubs in the days when we had more than just one bar to chose from! Tuesday night in the Gordon Arms was dominoes night and I wanted to do a picture of him that was a bit of a real-life caricature. Dodd quite often won the ‘half-bottle’ doms prize though!

I deliberately had him hold the dominoes with the spots facing camera. He was a bit reluctant to sit for the picture as he was essentially quite a shy person, but he was delighted with the finished prints I gave him later.

Dodd is sadly no longer with us. A true character, much missed by all who knew him.


The pic below was taken during the same shoot. ‘Chairman’ Bob is a bit older now but still visits the pub regularly, sitting in the same place at the end of the bar as he has done for many years – the ‘Chairman’s space’.

Bob finds he can’t drink Guinness these days and sticks to dark rum instead! I still enjoy a good blether with him on occasional Sunday afternoons if I visit the pub. Like Dodd , Bob is another of West Linton’s true gentlemen.


Both of these pics were shot using Pentax 6×7 medium format on Kodak Plus X film, then printed to 16×12 inches and selenium toned. Lighting was Elinchrom portable studio flash.


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