Carlops and A702

Carlops is a small village three miles from West Linton in the Scottish Borders, just outside the boundary with Midlothian.

The village was founded in 1784 and developed cotton weaving, coalmining and limestone mining.

The name derives from “Witches’ Leap” (Scots: ‘Carlins Lowp’) as near the south of the village there are two exposed rock faces about 20 metres in height facing each other with a similar distance between them. Folklore maintained that witches would leap from one face to the other, over the chasm, for entertainment of an evening.

This picture was taken from near the top of Patties Hill on a bitingly cold and windy November day (sometimes I doubt my sanity) and shows Carlops with the A702 trunk road snaking up towards West Linton.


A veritable forest of signage as you enter Carlops from Midlothian

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