The pub

Twenty years ago we had three good pubs in West Linton. In the centre of the village was the Raemartin Hotel which had a really cosy and convivial bar upstairs. It closed a few years ago and was converted to a private house and flats. Further up the street was the Linton Hotel which also had a really nice public bar. It too was closed by its owner and converted to a private house and two other smaller houses.

At the top of the village beside the main A702 road is the Gordon Arms Hotel. This is now the only public watering hole left in West Linton, a sad testament of economic times I guess.

For most people, it’s important that somewhere you intend to visit and spend money looks attractive and inviting. Unfortunately in 2016, the building now looks tired and dilapidated. I might do a couple of pictures soon and post them for comparison – then and now, but below are a couple of pics taken a few years ago when the ‘Gordon’ exterior resembled an enticing place to spend an hour or two.


Gordon Arms Hotel, day and dusk



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