Main Street

Two pictures from several years ago.

First is a pre-dawn shot taken as I was going for a newspaper. I’d just got a new Nikon camera body and wanted to see how it coped with low light handheld. This pic has been stolen from the web numerous times by iniquitous individuals and used on the likes of Farcebook and Twitter. For the sake of clarity… it was myself wot snapped it!


Second pic is a something of a product of Adobe PhotoShop. In 2004 the Main Street was resurfaced and most people respected the request not to park their car during the period of the works. Just imagine that happening today! There was only one car in the original shot which had stopped outside the newsagents. Additionally there were several orange traffic cones up by the clock. A bit of PhotoShopping removed car and cones, the scarified road surface was smoothed out with smart blur, then the colour was removed and a sepia tint added and finally, a title. The giveaways are the bus stop sign and the plastic bollards.

Looks beautifully timeless without lots of carelessly parked vehicles though.

West Linton 2004

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