Calendar girls – December

The final pic of the calendar series. Hectic is probably the most polite word to describe doing this shot without decending into mild photographers’ profanities.

Photographed in the Old Bakehouse, we had just over an hour to get in and out and come up with a picture before the restaurant opened.

Carry the gear in, set up lighting stands, plug in RCD’s & run power cables for the studio flash, work out why the elderly mains tripped when stuff was plugged in, eventually determine the best position for the big softbox main lights whilst moving tables & chairs out of the way to make some room. Tweak the fill-lighting from the left side so no faces were in shadow, then doing a few test shots. Quickly add a small bounce flash as another fill, whilst at the same time trying to herd a bunch of partially dressed women on their second or third glass of wine!

Eventually it all came together and we had a pretty reasonable picture. Another half hour would have been beneficial, just to fine tune stuff. Not really too bad a result for having no assistant there though!

LyneUp calendar girls – December 2013

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