The Smiddy (building of)

Two pics from 1988 or 1989 or thereabouts, just after construction began on The Smiddy. I don’t unfortunately have any pics of the original agricultural engineers buildings that stood on the site before. If anyone has, I’d be glad to copy them and put them up here for reference.

The Smiddy was built by Kelvin Homes Ltd of Coatbridge and the portakabin on the left was the ‘sales office’.  Very different from the marketing suites on new-build sites now. A quick Google search reveals that the Kelvin Homes company was dissolved several years ago.

These pics were snapped in black & white on good ol’ Kodak Tri-X pan 400 film. I shudder to think how many rolls of that I went through over the years before digital imaging arrived. 1000’s probably! Although I did later entirely adopt Kodak’s awesome T-Max B/W films processed in D-76 1-1.




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