The four seasons

In 2010 I had an idea for a little project that involved producing panoramic shots of Mendick hill and the surrounding countryside from the same spot for each of the four seasons, either just after dawn or in evening light just before sunset. Whatever worked best. These were photographed in sections using a 60mm lens, and the images were then stitched together. Photographing it in just one frame wouldn’t give the detail or resolution needed to print to 30 inches wide. Sure, it could have been done more simply using a 5×4 camera but I only ever rented a Sinar plate camera & lenses when the job required one and certainly not for a whole 12 months!

Of course it wasn’t just four visits to try and get a shot. Looking back at the folders containing the raw files I did pics at the location ten times. I went up intending to do some shots over several more visits, but due to the light changing, clouds coming over at the wrong time or too much haze, the camera stayed in the bag.  There was a fair amount of PhotoShop postproduction afterwards for each pic given that stitching and blending isn’t the most exact with auto techniques. Since the file sizes are around 120Mb each with up to eight layers, it was far less frustrating building them manually.

The intention at the time was to have a few printed to about 30 inches by proportion (about 30 x 8 inches), put them in bevelled mounts suitable for framing and see if they would sell. Like a few of my ideas, distraction set in and the project found its way onto that infamous back burner. And there they remain, slowly simmering. I did manage to finish and caption Autumn but it’s really only an hours work to complete the others.

Obviously the photographs pre-date the large recently installed windmill* at South Slipperfield, and not being a big fan (pun intended) of the damn things since they aren’t particularly ‘green’, IMHO it kinda spoils the view.

*Windmills. NOT turbines.

Single section – summer

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