Right of way

This lovely old right of way sign stood on a wooden pole near Baddinsgill for years. It fell off at one point a while back due to wind or weathering… or maybe the screws just rusted.

For a while it lay face outwards amongst the grass against the base of a nearby drystane wall still indicating the righ path, then happily it was then put back up onto its pole. Every time I passed it though, I thought to myself that sometime ‘someone is going to have that away in their rucksack’.

A couple of years ago it disappeared. Probably now adorning some student or other individuals bedroom or house wall – or worse, melted down for scrap. Our heritage is slowly disappearing. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else, it’s a disrespect for our countryside and for others’ enjoyment of it.

At least there are still pictures. To the person or persons that took it – if this old sign still exists, why not return it to where it belongs! Two very important rules when visiting the oudoors: take nothing but photographs;  leave nothing behind except footprints.






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