The green cabinet

Oh the controversy! One day in summer 2015, British Telecom contractors turned up and dug a large hole in the pavement next to the newsagents. Questions questions. ‘What’re you doing? What’s this for? You can’t put that there! Have you got planning permission? Eventually, fed up with the complaints and negative comments, the contractors installed the box, filled in the hole and buggah’d orf. Engineers didn’t even bother to connect it up.

Then, so far as I can gather, for the next while people were complaining to the local authority and also to BT about… a green cabinet. A cabinet similar to many other such boxes around the whole country and which is integral to providing fast fibre broadband.

After a few weeks toing and froing and even an article in the Peeblesshire News, BT’s engineering manager announced ‘it’s staying’ and engineers returned to finish the job and connect it up.

It’s a green cabinet! It’s not aesthetically displeasing, just another piece of essential street furniture like 1000’s in other places and which helps provide faster access to the web for lots of people that use it.

So here it is. Judge for yourself. Intrusive? Obtrusive? Ugly? Wrong colour? Visually it doesn’t jar with me one little bit. Maybe the still unhappy folk could ask BT if they would be willing to paint it (example, lower picture).


A colour match suggestion 🙂

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