Rural views

Roughly five miles from West Linton is the small hamlet of Ninemileburn. There was once a nice little pub here, the Habbies Howe, now long closed. The cottages facing the road are now private housing and where the Habbies used to be.

The pub was named after a river gorge a mile away, now within the Newhall Estate and mentioned by the writer Allan Ramsay in his work ‘The Gentle Shepherd’ first published in 1725.

If this pic had been for an advertising or tourism brochure, I would of course have firstly removed the ugly wheely bin!


Just along this small road from Ninemileburn towards Carlops, in the same direction the postal van is travelling is Patieshill, a comfortable bed and breakfast which is part of a working sheep farm. Patieshill B&B is popular with walkers and hill explorers.

Following the track in the picture below leads to a footpath through the trees that runs parallel with the main road and then to a series of steps back down onto the A702 just outside Carlops.


Credit: Ordnance Survey maps






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