Moor Road

Single track road from West Linton onto the A701 near Penicuik. Generally just known as  the continuation of Deanfoot Road as far as Whitfield farm and then it’s just… well, the Moor Road; although there is probably an official B or C road designation or classification somewhere.

I find this first seven miles of my trip to work preferable to using the main A702. During the morning rush at least, the 702 has far too many kamikazi drivers who either tailgate until they can get by, or zoom past at 80 or 90mph, even often in the rain, although the official speed limit is 60mph.

So, a more leisurely start in the morning for me is heading out over the moor. Besides, when there’s lovely light like in these pics, you can easily stop in a passing place and take a minute or two to do some snaps without some gofaster idiot trying to kill you.

November dawn heading towards Penicuik
Electricity poles traversing the soft peaty moorland with a blanket of ground mist just after sun-up
A double rainbow half way over the moor
Rainbow over a passing place. Southern Pentland Hills just visible.

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