Time-lapse practise

I haven’t made any posts here recently as I’ve been busy with the day job and also shooting video footage for another wee project I’m working on.

As part of that other project I’ve been experimenting with time-lapse. So the other evening, I went up a little hill not far from my house to do a sunset time-lapse shot of this view. The result was pretty underwhelming; in fact it was rubbish. No racing clouds since the sky was clear, just the light changing as the sun went down over fifty minutes, as well as the windmill/wind turbine going round at a ridiculous speed. Oh well… at least I learned what isn’t a good subject for this.

This pic was done at the start just before the camera automatically snapped the 300 shots over 50 minutes for a 10 second MP4 video. T’was nice light though….  for still images! Think I might also just go back to using ND grad filters.

Mendick Hill and South Slipperfield windmill/turbine just before sunset.