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Until digital cameras arrived, I took very few images around the local area where I live, instead shooting lots of medium format and 35mm transparency film all over Scotland for a wide variety of commercial and tourism clients. When I bought my first DSLR camera about 15 years ago, a Fujifilm FinePicsS1 Pro, which fitted onto the business ends of my (then) numerous Nikon lenses, I found myself taking it on walks and wanders on my days off and shooting whatever took my fancy. Later on came a variety of Nikon DSLR’s and more recently, one of those amazing little Nikon Coolpix s7000’s – such a brilliant and versatile little camera! Most of those images, taken purely for myself, have been languishing on CD’s and DVD disks and have never been published.

Bearing in mind that optical disks are not perfect archival media, I recently started transferring older stuff to new external hard-drives which ought to ensure their survival for another few years. A thought occurred to create a WordPress blog where I can publish the images and write a little bit about them, interspersed with more recent stuff, since I still wander in and out of the hills and mostly always have a camera with me. I’m far from being a wordsmith having spent most of my working life until a few years ago as a professional photographer, but hopefully a few might find some of the pictures here, and their backgrounds, of some interest.

Rumbling Tam by the way is a well which discharges into the River Lyne at West Linton in the Scottish Borders. Until Victorian times, this stream ran down the main street and is said to account for the bends in the road. Rumbling Tam therefore seems as good a pseudonym to adopt as any.

Images won’t be added in chronological order and it will be a work in progress over the next few months, whenever I have time. I hope you’ll keep looking back in, as the blog will gradually grow as I prepare the photos for inclusion.


6th February 2016

N.B – All images on this blog are the copyright © of the author. All rights reserved.


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