In the garden of a nearby property there used to be a doocot (dovecote), which was home to a couple of dozen or so free-flying white doves. Over the course of a few weeks the number of these began to noticably diminish. One December afternoon I arrived home and quickly understood why they had been gradually disappearing.

Half way up my garden was this beautiful little sparrowhawk with a fresh kill. I quickly put up a tripod, stuck a 300mm lens onto a camera body and shot a few pics over the next half hour from inside the house. It was beginning to get dark so these images were shot at the equivalent of 3200 ISO.

Later on when I went out with a torch, the carcass had gone and I assumed she’d flown off with it. After first light next morning however, I noticed she had reappeared and dragged out the remains of the unfortunate bird from where she’d hidden it – behind a compost bin. Clearly too much for dinner, so the rest was eaten for breakfast!



Easter Monday 2016

A quick walk along the river beside the Lower Green this evening after getting home from work.

Temperature still around 7°C with occasional rain showers and sunshine. Clocks have gone one hour forward (GMT+1)  as of midnight Saturday 26th March and schoolkids are on easter holidays. No daffodils in  bloom as yet. Spring, in the true sense, isn’t far away though! These pics done using the utterly brilliant little Nikon Coolpix S7000 compact.



Would be better snapped in morning light but…Olde Toll Teahouse coffee shop and restaurant & St Andrew’s Church – Main Street



Winter 2010-2011

Between 26th December 2009 and into the early new year to 2nd January 2010 there were significant falls of snow – at least for this part of southern Scotland.

A series of very low night-time temperatures followed, alternating with slightly milder weather during daylight hours.

Large icicles proliferated on houses with the repeated melting and freezing, and the main A702 road between Biggar and Edinburgh running through West Linton was closed for almost 24 hours.

Brown bears aren’t indiginous to this part of the world but a bit of PhotoShop fun seemed quite appropriate at the time.
Looking across the River Lyne to St Andrew’s church hall from Chapel Brae


St Mungo’s

West Linton has two churches for those who choose or feel a need to attend. This is St Mungo’s Episcopal Church and it lies on the the northern side of the village beside the main A702 trunk road. St Mungo’s never seems to be photographed much, although it is an attractive building. First three pics done March 2016.

More history and details here.




Older photo of St Mungo’s before the road sign was changed. A702 road to Biggar on the right.



Not too far from the annual spring solstice now. Visibly much warmer colours on recent occasionally sunny days… always encouraging after a long winter. Clocks are due to change from GMT, moving forward an hour to British Summertime on March 27th. Lighter evenings, but slightly darker mornings for a bit.

Buds are beginning to show on bushes and trees in the Spring sunshine and winter appears to be receding. Milder and hopefully warmer conditions soon. Temps still  not above 6ºC here today.




Scottish motor car pioneer

Not far from the main street in West Linton, this blue plaque on a wall near the Lower Green is self-explanatory.

From Wikipedia: Arrol-Johnston (later known as Arrol-Aster) was an early Scottish manufacturer of automobiles, which operated from 1896 to 1931 and produced the first automobile manufactured in Britain.


1902 dog cart which remains in the ownership of the family of the original purchaser. (Wikipedia creative commons license)

Whipman 2003

May 2003 and a conversation in the pub one evening with the new Whipman elect’s dad. ‘How about taking a few photies of the laddie on the Saturday rideout?’ he asked. As it happened, I was at home on the day and having known Ian for nearly 18 years by then, was happy to do a few snaps and pass on a set of prints.

Weather was fair at first; then rain. There’s nowt worse than having to wipe raindrops off the front of a lens every few seconds – you miss pictures! It cleared up soon after though to reasonably grey overcast.



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