Whipman 2003

May 2003 and a conversation in the pub one evening with the new Whipman elect’s dad. ‘How about taking a few photies of the laddie on the Saturday rideout?’ he asked. As it happened, I was at home on the day and having known Ian for nearly 18 years by then, was happy to do a few snaps and pass on a set of prints.

Weather was fair at first; then rain. There’s nowt worse than having to wipe raindrops off the front of a lens every few seconds – you miss pictures! It cleared up soon after though to reasonably grey overcast.



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Whipman rideout

One of the things that annoys my visual senses is when I see pictures of the Whipman rideout coming through the village. Mostly in photographs taken there are vehicles, quad bikes, bright yellow no-parking bollards or folk in high vis jackets, all getting in the way of a good shot.

Being a bit of a purist, I wanted to get a picture that showed just the horses and riders with the Whipman hopefully waving the flag.

I was happy with this image. The pic was done in 1996 in the days when the riders went up Medwyn Road (Golf Course Road). Even the nags at the front have their ears pricked and appear to be looking at the camera despite me being 100 yards away!

35mm Fujichrome colour transparency using a 300mm lens.


Through the ‘splash’

On the first Saturday of the annual Whipman Play festival in June, the adult rideout sets off from the village.

After a parade through the streets, up to 40 or 50 horses and their riders gallop through the river Lyne at the ford beside the white bridge, much to the delight of assembled onlookers.

I perched myself on a small rock in the middle of the river to get these slow shutter speed pan shots. Got my feet wet but I was quite happy with the results.