Xmas lights 2015

West Linton’s new Xmas lights for 2015 were rather lovely and I’d hoped to try and make a short video around the village centre if it snowed. Hopes were raised a couple of days after the lights were switched on, when the streets turned white on the evening of 3rd December.
The snow quickly became rutted from cars and since it was also coming down pretty heavily, any decent video footage wasn’t really possible. Thinking it might continue for a day or two, I ventured out and made do with a few stills shots. Next day the snow had stopped and the temperature also lifted. It was all gone in virtually 24 hours. No more snow until well after the new year and the lights removed. Next year maybe.


Pic immediately above: Deanfoot Road just off the main street… Snow and the new LED street lights.




Village green and church

Photographed around 1990, this was shot on 35mm Kodak Ektachrome film with as I remember, a 20mm lens and a six point cross-screen filter which I was playing around with at the time. It shows the village green and St Andrew’s church just after dawn in early summer.

Some transparencies from this shoot later ended up in the British Tourist Authority photo library and VisitBritain still have it on their photo sales website. One off payment for this and several other images was received… but no royalties now unfortunately!


West Linton

Nestling at the southern end of the Pentland Hills roughly 12 miles from Edinburgh, West Linton is an attractive little village with a population of 1547 people at the last 2011 census. Almost certainly there are somewhat more residents now in 2016, given that lots of new houses have been built since then, attracting an influx of new folk. The village has a long history and there has been a settlement here for several hundred years.

More information from Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Linton

Pictures below were shot from a cherry picker platform just above the spire of St Andrew’s church on a fairly overcast day.