Winter 2010-2011

Between 26th December 2009 and into the early new year to 2nd January 2010 there were significant falls of snow – at least for this part of southern Scotland.

A series of very low night-time temperatures followed, alternating with slightly milder weather during daylight hours.

Large icicles proliferated on houses with the repeated melting and freezing, and the main A702 road between Biggar and Edinburgh running through West Linton was closed for almost 24 hours.

Brown bears aren’t indiginous to this part of the world but a bit of PhotoShop fun seemed quite appropriate at the time.
Looking across the River Lyne to St Andrew’s church hall from Chapel Brae




A former gamekeeper on a nearby estate, Murdo was a larger than life character and fondly remembered by many. Originally from Perthshire, he lived and worked locally near West Linton for several years. Murdo greatly enjoyed his work out on the hills as well as the craic back down in the village pubs.

One Sunday afternoon when I was busy doing some photographs for another project, Murdo knocked on the door (having had a dram or two) and eventually agreed to sit for a quick picture. He moved away and back home to Perthshire a few years ago and thence not long afterwards up to the great estate in the sky!

Murdo was good convivial company, enjoyed the occasional cigar and had a vast repertoire of very funny stories. Pleased to remember him here with this pic.



St Mungo’s

West Linton has two churches for those who choose or feel a need to attend. This is St Mungo’s Episcopal Church and it lies on the the northern side of the village beside the main A702 trunk road. St Mungo’s never seems to be photographed much, although it is an attractive building. First three pics done March 2016.

More history and details here.




Older photo of St Mungo’s before the road sign was changed. A702 road to Biggar on the right.



Not too far from the annual spring solstice now. Visibly much warmer colours on recent occasionally sunny days… always encouraging after a long winter. Clocks are due to change from GMT, moving forward an hour to British Summertime on March 27th. Lighter evenings, but slightly darker mornings for a bit.

Buds are beginning to show on bushes and trees in the Spring sunshine and winter appears to be receding. Milder and hopefully warmer conditions soon. Temps still  not above 6ÂșC here today.




Countryside delays

Arriving back after a long day, or days away, it always feels good when you get near home. Just occasionally though there’s a very minor hiatus !

So, whilst a flock of sheep are herded down the road to the farm to await the transfer to market next morning, or if they’re just being moved from one field to another for a bit of fresh grazing… stop, admire the view and do a quick picture. This pic snapped on a phone camera from inside the car.

Sunset shepherding. Farmer on quad bike & trailer.

Seasonal geese

West Linton appears to be a natural waypoint for migrating geese in autum and spring.

Twice a year, over several weeks in September/October and March/April, huge skeines of these noisy but beautiful birds overfly the village at intervals throughout the day, and depending on weather, often at night.

The larger skeines can be heard long before they are seen, often in groups of up to thousand or more. Occasional stragglers often follow in small groups, each jostling for the lead. This flock had been overnighting in a field and lifted when I disturbed them one morning.

I liked the contrast in the first picture with the contrails of a passing aircraft behind.



Scottish motor car pioneer

Not far from the main street in West Linton, this blue plaque on a wall near the Lower Green is self-explanatory.

From Wikipedia: Arrol-Johnston (later known as Arrol-Aster) was an early Scottish manufacturer of automobiles, which operated from 1896 to 1931 and produced the first automobile manufactured in Britain.


1902 dog cart which remains in the ownership of the family of the original purchaser. (Wikipedia creative commons license)