In the garden of a nearby property there used to be a doocot (dovecote), which was home to a couple of dozen or so free-flying white doves. Over the course of a few weeks the number of these began to noticably diminish. One December afternoon I arrived home and quickly understood why they had been gradually disappearing.

Half way up my garden was this beautiful little sparrowhawk with a fresh kill. I quickly put up a tripod, stuck a 300mm lens onto a camera body and shot a few pics over the next half hour from inside the house. It was beginning to get dark so these images were shot at the equivalent of 3200 ISO.

Later on when I went out with a torch, the carcass had gone and I assumed she’d flown off with it. After first light next morning however, I noticed she had reappeared and dragged out the remains of the unfortunate bird from where she’d hidden it – behind a compost bin. Clearly too much for dinner, so the rest was eaten for breakfast!