Easter Monday 2016

A quick walk along the river beside the Lower Green this evening after getting home from work.

Temperature still around 7°C with occasional rain showers and sunshine. Clocks have gone one hour forward (GMT+1)  as of midnight Saturday 26th March and schoolkids are on easter holidays. No daffodils in  bloom as yet. Spring, in the true sense, isn’t far away though! These pics done using the utterly brilliant little Nikon Coolpix S7000 compact.



Would be better snapped in morning light but…Olde Toll Teahouse coffee shop and restaurant & St Andrew’s Church – Main Street




Spring isn’t too far away…

… although possibly we’re not out of the woods yet weatherwise since it was trying to snow this morning. It is still February after all, but as winters go, we’ve been fairly lucky this year. So far! Only another few days until March though and already the mornings and evenings are noticably lighter.

The spring flowers are coming up too, so here’s a little hopeful reminder of the weather to come in the not too distant future.

These pics were done three or four years ago.



Lower Green footpath

A few years ago after a footpath was laid beside the river on the Lower Green, I thought “wouldn’t it have been so much nicer if it been made to meander slightly instead of being completely straight”.

I did a quick record picture, then with a bit of PhotoShopping decided that this is what it resembles.

No AVTUR or passenger facilities available & not really recommended for full sized aircraft. 🙂


What the path actually looks like